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500 years ago the Gospel was re-discovered. Don’t let it be forgotten!

Do you suffer from constantly explaining that Martin Luther was not the civil rights leader of the 1960's?

Are you often frustrated when seeing kids' eyes glaze over in confirmation class?

Do you struggle to find ways to take advantage of this historic opportunity to share the Faith?

Our History is being lost.

When facing lack of awareness or apathy towards our history and heritage, many churches host lectures or give a special sermon series.  For most people (especially kids), none of that works.

Lectures and Sermons simply don't resonate with kids, often going right over their heads.

Kids fail to identify with Luther as depicted in busts and statues - sternly staring off into the distance.

Kids already think Church history is boring, leaving them disengaged.

If we just keep doing what we’ve been doing, we will miss an incredible opportunity to Catechize and reach the next generation with Luther’s story and more importantly, his teaching: the Justification of Sinners by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in the work of Christ Alone.

You can now share the incredible story of Martin Luther and the Reformation in a fun, exciting way with the New Martin Luther Plush Figure by Reformation Gear, just in time for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation!

Don’t let this historic opportunity slip by!

We have something that will REALLY HELP!

After working with Jr. High & High School Students, teaching Bible Studies, and having two daughters of my own, I found out how important it is to celebrate what we want to cultivate.

Mark, Nathan, and Scott of Reformation Gear have created the Martin Luther Plush Figure, a fun toy that helps kids identify with their new buddy, Martin! This 10″ real-to-life replica of the 16th century reformer comes with a big smile and a printed copy of Luther’s Morning & Evening Prayers. Best of all, he is a great conversation starter that will help you quickly go from a discussion of who Luther was right to the Gospel and why that message is just as important today as it was 500 years ago.

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Church Discount Program Highlights

Normally the Martin Luther Plush Figure costs $25, but Churches and Christian Schools can now get them at a special discounted rate of $15 ea. when you order a case of 12 or more.

When you use the Martin Luther Plush Figure Church Discount Program, you’ll get…

  • A great tool to help teach the Faith and the History of the Reformation!
  • A great gift for Baptisms or New Members!
  • A fun item for Fundraising!
  • Kids in your congregation will know who Martin Luther was and why he is important!

Don’t let this historic opportunity slip by!