Laureen Baggett with Luther

Love this Martin! Great size–he is large enough to cut a dashing figure, small enough to fit nicely on a bookshelf or desk… or to use  more creatively! (I’m thinking of incorporating an “Elf on the Shelf” type of activity for each Sunday of 2017.)

I like that he is holding the Bible–essential, really–and that Luther’s Morning & Evening Prayers are also included. Facial expression is friendly but wise, just enough expression.

Great to include the info on the bottom of packaging, plus an online reference to go and seek more info. Great job! Thank you! Where & when will these be available? May I post this photo on Facebook? I would love to post where folks can purchase, as well!

Laureen Baggett

Pastor Emrick

This Martin Luther plush figure from ReformationGear.com is a fun and educational way to introduce your children to one of the greatest figures in history. A visit to the web site promises interesting and useful information about the Great Reformer, too.

I plan to purchase one for my own grandchildren AND for each child I baptize during this celebration year.

Pastor Emrick

St. Peter Lutheran, St. Peter, IL

Pastor Wilken

Martin Luther’s morning and evening prayers are centerpieces of Lutheran devotion. This unique Martin Luther figure featuring Luther’s famous prayers is a fun way to keep these prayers on our lips, remember the Reformation and Luther’s role in it 500 years later.

Pastor Todd Wilken

Issues, Etc.

He’s fun and makes a great gift for kids, grandkids, or pastors!